Mezzi Doosan

carrelli elevatori elettrici

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The range of Doosan Pro-5 forklift trucks is a completely new series of electric, diesel and LPG gas models.
There are 18 families of forklifts with more
than 100 different models available.
At the heart of the production programme are LPG diesel and LPG lorries with 1.5 to 16 ton capacity, with high power motors, offering features particularly appreciated by operators such as vertical positioning of the upright, the possibility to operate the claxon from the rear handle while reversing and disc brakes in a maintenance-free oil bath.


movimento terra

A whole new set of technological developments and special safety features result in improved trolley performance and reduced fuel consumption by up to one third, with emission levels that meet all new European standards.
New electric models in Alternate Current have been added, covering a range ranging from 1000 to 5000 Kg capacity, in a wide variety of power supply voltages, load capacities and options.
The innovative Operator Sensing System is standard on all trolleys. This device controls a whole series of safety features, from clamping of the upright movements if the operator is not aboard the unlocked safety seat belt alarms, the parking brake not engaged, and the automatic return to neutral of the system traction of forklifts.

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